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Troy Hill – Ext. 106;

Sales Telephone Numbers:

Dorchester County 410-228-4800

Talbot County 410-822-4800

Wicomico County 410-376-3663

Caroline County 410-822-4800

We at Salisbury Gift & Garden were quite pleased with the Hot Oil, Hot Gas, or Cold Hard Cash Live Remote Broadcast by 106.3 The Heat which was held on September 20th. We haven’t even run our 50 commercials yet but the promotional mentions were so effective we had a great turn out. Thanks MTS Broadcasting for bringing us a great promotion once again!” - Staff of Salisbury Gift and Garden
Radio 1240 WCEM-AM prides itself on presenting you with a fantastic Programming line-up featuring Adult Standards, locally produced talk shows, and a variety of specialty Programming!

The Music:
Radio 1240 WCEM-AM offers a playlist of great adult standards performed by legendary talents such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole,and Ella Fitzgerald, plus newer talents like Michael Bublé and Norah Jones.

Demographics of Adult Standards:

73% of the Adult Standards listening audience is ages 55-65+ with the largest group being over 65 (

The Talk:

Mid-days showcase locally-produced talk shows with topics that address issues pertinent to all listeners of the mid-shore: wealth preservation, estate law, economics, politics, education, Black history, and health.

Demographics of Talk Radio listeners:
70% of Talk Radio listeners are ages 45- 65+ (


Radio 1240 WCEM-AM brings the music that created legends, the latest local news and weather, and stellar local talk radio to Caroline, Talbot, and Dorchester counties

What does all this mean to you? You can attract an older, more affluent client to purchase your goods or services! Restaurants, vacation destinations, pharmacies, medical services, retirement homes, golfing, tennis, kayaking, automobiles, boats….. these listeners are your buyers!

It’s the music… The Heat offers the Hot Adult Contemporary music from the 80s, 90s, & now!

Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Cold Play, Beyoncé, U2, Britney, Christina Perri, and more!


The Heat reaches a market of over 200,000 people in Dorchester, Talbot, Caroline, and Wicomico counties

Demographics of Hot Adult Contemporary:

60% of Hot A/C listeners are female ranging in ages from 18 to 60

What does all this mean to you?

You can attract a heavy-hitting listening audience due to the span of the age demographic. Do you have a product that appeals to a younger demographic in their teens and 20s? The Heat is for you. Do you have a product that is family-oriented? The Heat is for you. Do you have a product that appeals to an older/wealthier group of listeners? The Heat is for you!
100.9% Pure Country plays a mix of today’s popular new country music without forgetting yesterday’s hits 100.9% Pure Country is the oldest Country music station on the Mid- Shore….on the air for nearly 25 years!!

We keep our listeners informed with the latest local news, national news from ABC, and constantly updated local weather. This is why 100.9% Pure Country is truly the “Hometown” Country station

100.9% Pure Country offers our advertisers a marketing reach of nearly half a million people in a six county area: Dorchester, Talbot, Caroline, Sussex, Wicomico, and Queen Anne’s

The core demographic is adults age 25+ with a median income of $60,200

Plays a blend of today’s hot new Country and your all-time favorites, without forgetting the classics! 100.9% Pure Country caters to all Country music listeners and has the highest time spent listening rate and the lowest turnover in the market!
Music: 107.1 The Duck brings you the best Oldies of the 60s and 70s to the Mid-Shore area. The Duck even remembers the 50s in a daily programming feature – three GREAT decades on one GREAT station! Demographics: 75% of people who listen to 107.1 The Duck are Baby Boomers but also appeals to a 35+ listening audience!

Not only do they control half of all spending in the United States but they hold jobs as Executives and members of Top Management.

Having such illustrious careers, over 70% of Baby Boomers have a household income of $61,300 or more. This means not only will they hear your advertisement, but they will have plenty of money to spend with your company.

107.1 The Duck is bringing Oldies, the latest local news, and weather, to counties such as:

Queen Anne’s
Kent (MD)
Kent (DE)
Thank you MTS Broadcasting for coming back to our annual Spring Open House on Saturday. The busiest part of the day was during your live remote broadcast with Shane and 106.3 The Heat. We definitely are looking forward to seeing you next year! -Don Teat, Talbot Powersports

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“I wanted to thank you and your team for the live remote we did on September 20th. It brought a lot of people into our business and exposed them to our product; people that may never have considered looking at manufactured housing.” - Frank Ramsay, Oakwood Homes