RADIO 1240

Radio 1240 WCEM-AM offers a playlist of great adult standards performed by legendary talents such as Frank Sinatra,Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald, plus newer talents like Michael Bublé and Norah Jones. Middays showcase locally produced talk shows with topics that address issues pertinent to all listeners of the mid-shore: wealth preservation, estate law, economics, politics, education, Black history, and health.

Broadcasting from Cambridge Maryland, Radio 1240 WCEM-AM brings the music that created legends, the latest local news and weather, and stellar local talk radio to Caroline, Talbot, and Dorchester counties



10 am-11 am - Vets Helping Vets with hosts Phil Simmons, Nick McGee, and Rev. Ron James
11 am-11:30 am - Good Morning Mid Shore with Troy Hill
11:30am-12 noon - Delmarva Community Services and You with host Mary Handley
12 noon-12:30 pm - Your Hometown Vet with host Dr. Cindy Gosser
12:30 pm-1 pm - Under your home with Dry Zone

10 am-11am - Andersen Wealth - Wise Money with host Michael Andersen
11 am-12 noon – Live Life Well with Alan McRea
12 noon-1 pm - Gaines on Gains with host Dr. Kathryn Barrett-Gaines

10 am-11 am - Live Life Well with host Alan McRae
11 am-11:30 am - Eastern Shore Smile Solutions with host Dr. Randy Hiers
11:30 am-12 noon - Nanticoke Memorial Hospital
12 noon-1 pm - Gaines on Gains with host Dr. Kathryn Barrett-Gaines

10 am-10:30 am - Andersen Wealth - Wise Money with host Michael Andersen
10:30 am-11 am – Under your home with Dry Zone
11 am -12 noon - The Beatle Years
12 noon-1 pm - Your Community Sports and Health Hour with host Dave Ryan

10 am-11 am - Purity Products
11 am-11:30 am - Catholic Forum
11:30 am -12 noon- Delmarva Community Services and You with host Mary Handley
12 noon-12:15 pm - Life's Journey Daily Ministry with LaTonya Bromwell
12:15 pm-12:30 pm - Wonderful Words of Life
12:30 pm-1 pm - The Hawk Chronicles: The Adventures of Kate Hawk
3:00 pm- Seems Like Old Times


8am-12n: Local and Regional Public Affairs and Religious Service broadcasts

8:30am: Good Morning Mid-Shore with Troy Hill

12n-2p: American Standards by the Sea with Dick Robinson

The Mid-Shore’s Top Stations.

1240 AM Programming

Your Hometown Vet

Dr. Cindy Gosser

Dr. Gosser gives pet owners the chance to have questions about their pet ’s health answered on the air. Submit your question to Dr. Gosser at Bayside Animal Hospital’s website.

Live Life Well

Alan McRae

Alan McRae with Anchor Point would like to invite you to join him for Live Life Well. He’ll discover the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of local citizens as they talk about the past, present, and future. Dorchester’s brightest days are still ahead.

Life’s Journey Ministries

Evangelist LaTonya Bromwell

Evangelist Bromwell and her guests present scripture and stories that you can apply to your daily life.

Seems Like Old Times

Craig Orndorff

A two-hour program that features the standards, jazz, and the pop memories. On each show there's a countdown from the week of a selected year, with slices of life from news, sports, movies, radio, tv and commercials. It's a pleasurable look back to days gone by.

Good Morning Mid-Shore

Troy Hill

A weekly, 30-minute Public Affairs program hosted by MTS Broadcasting’s General Manager Troy Hill every Sunday morning.

Hawk Chronicles

Kate Hawk

The adventures of Kate Hawk. An old style radio cliff hanger drama done for modern times.

American Standards by the Sea

Dick Robinson

This internationally syndicated show blends artistry and interviews of the greats. The show is broadcast from Dick Robinson’s hand-designed, high-tech radio and TV studio on board Robinson Media’s Motor Yacht, “Airwaves,” which is always docked at different ports!

Delmarva Community Services and You

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan, host of "Delmarva Community Services and You”. Delmarva Community Services is pleased to bring you the good news about DCS and the programs offered to our neighbors. DCS welcomes you to our senior center; we give your loved ones vocational training; offers transportation and financial counseling; and will even feed you from our pantry. We hope you are here for us, through support and volunteer work.

Vets Helping Vets

Phil Simmons and Mike McGee

Providing information to Veterans and their families of benefits and services to which they’re entitled, and how to claim them. If you have questions for the hosts to answer, please send them to To help support the airing of Vets Helping Vets, you may send donations to : Hurlock American Legion C/O Vets Helping Vets 57 Legion Drive Hurlock, MD 21643 Or you can call the Hurlock American Legion at 410.943.8205

Gaines on Gains

Dr. Kathryn Barrett-Gaines

Dr. Kathryn Barrett-Gaines shares the a review of gains we have made as humans over the past week. How well have we done toward a better neighborhood, organization, industry, community, society, and world? How have we done well over the past week? How have we fallen short, what can we do better? Who is gaining? Who is not?

Your Community Sports and Health Hour

Dave Ryan

Join host Dave Ryan for an exciting show, jam packed with positive local sports stories, interviews with players and coaches, and game previews and recaps. Dave also shares information on how to make healthy living and eating an easy part of your daily life, and work on improving your activities and menus.


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